Internet Ageism

Written by Andrew Lovatt in

Have you noticed how ageist the internet has become over the last few
years? Like other pop culture, it seems filled with bright young things –
making music, sharing files, bragging on MySpace and Twittering away.
We see the same ageism in advertising, film and TV. It’s as if anyone
over 30 and older got left behind in the techno dust. On the web it
appears to be a young people’s world.

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Merry Christmas 2009!

Written by Andrew Lovatt in Marketing

Best wishes to everyone for Christmas, and may 2010 bring us all some peace… and a bit of prosperity.

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Why Safari Books Sucks

Written by Andrew Lovatt in Reviews

As part of a collaboration with a book publishing colleague I signed up for a free trial at Safari Books Online to see what it had to offer the book reading & buying community. Not much, as it turned out.

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