Branding that stands out

In today's image-rich world a strong brand identity is essential to any marketing stratagy – no matter how small the company. Your brand has to be instantly recognizable, memorable and work across all media. We specialize in designing unique brands that embody your company's values and help drive your products and services in the marketplace. Call us on 045 486828 and see what we can do for your company.

Brand examples:

Children's Lifeline

Children's Lifeline

Children's Lifeline is a charity which raises money for research at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children. The group of young executives who started the charity inspired us with their energy and determination to make a difference.

We created the brand as a shield to display the children and the events and activities the charity had planned to raise funds. We chose bright colours and positive images that we could extend into the website (read about it here) as well as brochures and printed materials.

The charity came up with unique events - such as the Duck Race on the Liffey, and the Shamrock Run motorbike rally around Ireland - which got them lots of media coverage and a primetime RTÉ documentary with patron biker Gay Byrne.