Branding that stands out

In today's image-rich world a strong brand identity is essential to any marketing stratagy – no matter how small the company. Your brand has to be instantly recognizable, memorable and work across all media. We specialize in designing unique brands that embody your company's values and help drive your products and services in the marketplace. Call us on 045 486828 and see what we can do for your company.

Brand examples:

Silicon Republic

Silicon Republic

Our client wanted an identity that would reflect the print tradition. We approached the design using the 'mast head' style found in traditional newspapers as a basis. The concept of the word 'republic' led us to the 'retro-soviet' style red star and laurel along with the signature red-black-grey colours. The modern rounded type echoes the hi-tech subject matter of the website.

Also see the website that we developed here.