Design for Print

Print is an essential part of offline branding and communication. Whether it's magazine advertising, product packaging or point of sale materials we view each project as an original and look for what is unique. We are also adept and comfortable working with existing projects.

Our advertising campaigns involve conception of key ideas and campaign themes, through to execution in print and other media. We view print as part of a company's overall marketing strategy and advise on how this can be best co-ordinated with online marketing.


Case Study

Print advertising for Website
Electric News Net ( wanted a print ad to drive traffic to their website and promote WAP, SMS and Email Alert services. We set about creating a series of concept-based layouts to showcase the new features - aiming for some humour in a fast-paced high-tech marketplace. To see how it evolved - click here.

Print examples



This image doesn't do justice to the finished brochure! We crafted a 3-fold brochure with a custom cut on the cover to reveal the 'hidden value' in Bdellium's unique service offering to the international fund market.

The print and stock quality of the finished brochure provided a truly luxurious feeling.

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